AdScapz Beacons for Real Estate

Beacons Can Change The Way People
See Your Properties

With Adscapz Real Estate Beacons, you can put your property listings right where you want them 24/7 - in a potential buyer's hands.  
You can Harness the power of Beacons and proximity Marketing and Advertising to create virtual open houses without your even being there.

Display beautiful, engaging property listings and offer on-demand virtual tours at the properties you have for sale.
Simply place an affordable beacon on the premises and Adscapz Real Estate Beacons can pull all of the property’s details from the MLS automatically. You get the maximum benefit from less work.

More Sales!                Less Work!

Transform lookers into potential purchasers with Adscapz for Real Estate. It's simple and inexpensive to use and is working for you every minute of every day.

Show Your Property Listings to More People
Adscapz Real Estate Beacons make managing and showing your property listings easier than ever.
Now anyone who passes by your listing with a smartphone or tablet can learn about the house or even take a virtual tour—whether you’re around or not.

It’s easy:
• Order your Bluetooth Beacons and place one at each desired property. (Click Here for Order Page)
• Adding your property listings to Adscapz Real Estate Beacons - can Market your MLS listings 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
• Focus on following up with leads while buyers look, learn and share on their own.

• 1 to 18 ads can Be placed on each Beacon

Revolutionize your real estate business with Adscapz Real Estate Beacon Advertising. See how affordable we are or read our Real Estate FAQs if you have any burning questions.

Show Properties 24/7







Place a beacon at each of your properties and it’ll deliver all the details—from square footage and price to photos and 360-degree virtual tours— right to your prospective buyers’ phones. 

The listings you create can automatically pull data from the MLS and refresh themselves every ten minutes, so they’re always up to date.

Easy Lead Generation
Prospective buyers can call or email you right from the listings page and share listings with others via Facebook, Twitter or email.
Adscapz Real Estate Beacons change the way you manage and display your property listings. Engage with potential buyers like never before with beautiful listing pages that are populated with MLS data for you automatically — no programming involved. Link these listings to a beacon at each property, and you’ll reach anyone who walks or drives by.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Go to our Beacon TOC, Setup & Lease Payment Page

  1. Read Our TOC
  2. Set Up an Account for as many beacons as you Choose.
  3. Set Up Your Leasing Payment (based on the number of beacons you have chosen)
  4. Add a Warranty if you Wish ( Recommended)

Adscapz Real Estate Beacons can use your MLS property listings as soon as you setup your account.
If you wish - each listing will have its own beautifully styled page. We will Assign a Property to a Beacon for you.

  1. We can also Assign your listings to a Beacon or Beacons, and you're all set. 
  2. We manage all of your Beacons Eddystone URL's in one place -- from our Adscapz Real Estate Beacon Management area.