Real Estate Beacons FAQ's

Beacons For Real Estate FAQs

What are Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate? 

Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate is a marketing tool which uses beacon technology to engage with potential home buyers.

What are beacons and how do they work? 

A part of the Internet of Things (The Physical Web), a beacon is a small Bluetooth device that continually emits a specific signal to a website URL.

How do Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate work? 

Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate can send your realty listings directly from the MLS (to passers-by looking for properties) and displays them in auto-generated web pages.
We set it up a beacon for you to point the property listing of the Realtors choice. For a small fee, we can change where the beacon points if required. 

Do I need to know how to program to add my listing pages? 

No, you don’t need to know any programming. Adscapz sets up the content from your MLS listings and can build the pages for you if you need us to.

How do potential customers view a property listing? 

When a potential buyer is within range of a property beacon, (approximately 300ft Radius) they receive a notification on their mobile device through either the (The Physical Web App on iPhone) or Nearby Notifications on the Android Phones.

Are the Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate compatible with both iPhones and Android devices? 

Yes, Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate works with both Android and iOS operating systems, but IOS needs an App to work.

How much do Adscapz Beacons for  Real Estate cost? 

Pricing is based on the number of Beacons. All those details can be found on the Beacon Setup and Lease Payment Page.

What type of information does BoxBeacon display?

An AdScapz beacon can display a wealth of information about your property listing. You can include details about the property itself (address, price, room specs, features, etc), contact information for the listing agent, and full photos of the interior of the home. Include everything you can think of to educate the buyer about the property and get them excited about it. We can also link to your profile on your own website, Your brokers' website, Zillow, or Trulia if you prefer.