Beacon Use Cases

Advertise Your Business and Business Events Easily With Bluetooth Beacons – (Bluetooth Low Energy) (BLE)

The way in which we interact with the world around us is changing at a Lightning Pace. 

Adscapz Beacons can change the way you manage and display your Business information. They can engage with potential buyers by broadcasting your information to potential clients and customers. Link your ads or website to a beacon. Carry your beacon with you or set it in a fixed location, and you’ll reach anyone who walks or drives by with in a set distance. (about 70 to 100Meters approximatly 300 ft sometimes more) Smart devices within range receive the radio signals, which relevant apps can interact with. As more web browsers support the emerging physical web and nearby standards(e.g. Eddystone URLs), users will have the option of accessing relevant web content without needing to download an app. This currently works with our Beacons on android.   IOS devices will require an app of some type. Google services or Google Chrome must be enabled on I Phone along with bluetooth and location services turned on.

Always deliver up-to-date event schedules ad information. Personalize the experience with engaging information about a business, event, service or group.

Bluetooth beacon technology, is already transforming industries such as retail and events to open up proximity technology to a whole new set of applications.
Bluetooth beacon transmitters come in a variety of form factors, including small coin cell devices, USB Beacons, and generic Bluetooth 4.0 capable USB dongles.

What is a Beacon?

Bluetooth beacons are small hardware (radio) transmitters - a class of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices such as Cell phones, tablets, and other smart devices.

Beacon Use Case Examples

Create rich and engaging notifications or advertising campaigns.

Our Eddystone and iBeacon technology is built for flexibility – Campaigns, images, forms, videos, etc. can be displayed by directing cell phone users to your SSL enabled website or social media sites.

Use Case 1 - Insurance Business

You’re an Insurance Business and you want to increase traffic to your office location. So you deploy Beacon 1 Located at the nearest major intersection to your business. This Beacon 1 pushes a web page that gives some information and directions to your office’s Physical address to the cell phones of passersby.
Next you deploy Beacon 2 in front of your office to well come people as they approach your office and push some more detailed information about the types of insurance you sell. Next you deploy Beacon 3 in your lobby! This Beacon 3 tells clients in your lobby what your Public WIFI login and password are so they can use your internet do business or search Google as they wait.


Use Case 2 - Net Working Group or Event Coordinator

You’re a Net Working group or event coordinator you would like to improve your membership or send people to your events.

Jon the owner of a local Net Working Group carries a BEACON on his Key chain wherever he goes. This morning he is located at Tiffany's Restaurant in Palm Harbor Fl.  for the Tuesday Morning breakfast meeting. While Jon is enjoying his eggs and bacon and networking with other members, his Beacon sends out Nearby push notification that contains a link. This link sends restaurant patrons to a page on Jon’s secure (SSL) website with an offer for a free breakfast attached along with an invitation to Improve their business through networking their businesses. The offer Says something like Come have breakfast or lunch on us at NPI.   This may give a list of locations and a catchy Statement like “Where NPI works for you and your Business “

Use Case 3 - Medical Office

You’re a Doctor’s office and you want to interact with your Patients as they sit in your waiting room. You deploy 1 beacon in your Waiting room to give your waiting Patients more information on the type of Medical services you Offer, or your offering Flu Shots and want to let everyone know about it.

Use Case 4 - Air conditioning and Heating Service Company

You’re a Air conditioning and Heating Service company and you want to increase Leads to your HVAC Company. BLE Beacons are deployed on your service techs trucks to send anyone with Bluetooth and location turned on to your Website and with a link to give you a call.


Some Additional Facts about Beacons

  • -92 % of all Smart cell Phones Today are Capable of receiving Beacon Campaigns and Push Notifications
  • You can expect a 30% increase in app usage when Beacons are deployed using an app created for your business.
  • - 32% click through rate on Proximity based Beacon Promotions
  • 2/3 of the Beacon Market is able to receive Beacon Nearby notifications with out an App

25% Increase in Sales When beacons are used

Other Possible Use Cases