Use Cases - by Industry

Use Cases

Target Consumers Based On Their Physical Location our latest technology in Geo-Fencing Technology targets travelers who attended specified events or went to a particular location with the most precise temporal geo-targeting solution available. By building a custom polygon around the location, we can begin serving Ads to the mobile devices of those users from the time they enter our geofence for up to 30 days. Ideal Locations Include Banks, Homes For Sale, Credit Unions, Car Dealerships, Transitioning Neighborhoods, and Real Estate Brokerages, Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies. Now you can continue engaging with those very same people for up to 30 days after they left those locations.

Events & Conventions

With our geo fencing technology, we can target your event attendees at your events serving ads to their mobile devices.

Retail & Franchises

Retailers & Franchises are now equipped with digital strategies that will push and track foot traffic to their stores.

Medical & Healthcare

Our comprehensive set of patient acquisition strategies will allow you get the ROI your practice or hospital deserves.

Real Estate

Our real estate marketing solutions allows for granular targeting of people in the market looking to buy, lease or sell.
Banking & Finance
Utilize our addressable geofencing to target households and individuals who actively needs financing or a banking solution.

Digital Agencies

Are you interested in white labeling our geofencing solutions to your clients?  See how we partner with dozens of digital agencies today.


Our dealership solutions allow you can track actual foot traffic to your dealership after they’ve seen your Ads.


Are you a hotel or in the travel industry.  Fierce competition…we know.  But we’ve put together campaigns that make it easier to compete.


Education is what drives economic innovation.  Our digital tool kit ensures you’re reaching those potential students.



















Whether it is plaintiffs or defendants you want to reach, we’ll put your practice in front of those who are in need of your legal services.

Professional Services

HVAC Repair, Concrete Pourers, and other professional service firms.  Calls matter and we’ll drive phone calls to your business.


We love tech.  Whether it’s SEO or Paid Media, we can hyper target customers who will likely be in need of your technology solutions.